Vista de Nieve


this is a magical piece of property that was carved out of the sierra nevada mountain range by an enterprising american who saw the lands potential for coffee. situated above an ancient city that was hidden in the colombian jungle for centuries and surrounded by a famous bird sanctuary, Vista de nieve is one of the most special coffee farms in colombia. 

Altitude: 1300–1500 Meters above sea level

Latitude:  11° 06'W 

Longitude: 74° 05'W 

Average Production: 47.000k EXCELSO

Dry Method:  50% Sun dried, 50 % Slack combustion silo

Area of Production: 34.6 Hectares

Varieties: Castillo and Colombia

Cup Profile: Vista de Nieve enjoys many cup profiles – from sweet notes of vanilla, to almonds and spice and caramel finishes