Process optimizes potential.

Our process is built on a foundation of science and learning that guarantees that we are optimizing the potential of our origin and people. Our state of art laboratory and scientific partnerships with the Colombian Coffee Federation are what allow us to grow consistently great coffee. By learning, codifying, exploring, repeating, we've also been able to provide unprecedented customizability and consistency with our coffee's flavor profiles.

We train our entire staff, from pickers to management, on the best coffee practices so that everyone on our team can do their best to ensure the quality of our coffee. Our methods have led to a reputation for excellence.

What's more, we offer seed–to–door quality control. Our export subsidiary, Green Beans International, is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and gives us the unique ability to control the entire process from planting to mill to export to import. By owning the entire supply chain, we can make sure our customers always get green coffee beans that have been optimally handled every step of the way.